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Hey guys, I’m happy to announce that Calliope and I are hosting our very first giveaway! This is a giveaway to thank all of our lovely mommy and daddy and baby followers and fellow bloggers while spreading the love of fluff from one parent to the next!

So what’s being given away?

  • One (1) New in package BumGenius Freetime in “Spence”
  • One (1) New in package Flip cover in “Chaplin”
  • One (1) New fleece cover from Modern Hippie Co.

Now for a few rules:

  1. Reblogs only. You may reblog this post as many times as you would like, but no giveaway blogs. I will be checking, so please don’t betray my trust and love of fluff.
  2. You don’t have to be following us on Tumblr, but if you win and follow us, we will also include a pack of Snappis and a dozen prefolds.
  3. If you follow us on Instagram, we will also include a beauty related bonus gift.
  4. Giveaway ends on Friday, October 31st, 2014, and winner will be notified on here by November 1st. If the winner does not respond within 24 hours, we will select another winner.
  5. Winner will be picked via

May the odds be ever in your favor! Much love and good luck! <3

I do not cloth diaper but I know a few of you guys do so here you go!







I think my face has a sort of sensationalizing effect on my pictures, and that’s okay usually because I love my face and it’s great. But I wanted to take some pictures without it because I want other fat and/or black people to relate. The “pretty face” fat thing is still a large issue within the body positive community.

Beautiful-faced fat people are so important, but our revered presence tends to alienate those who feel they don’t make the face cut. The same applies to fat people with medium to smaller bodies on the spectrum, and I realize that that’s where I fit in these days. I don’t deny that privilege that I have, but I hope people larger than me still see some features they can relate to. Not to mention, when we do see very personal pictures of nude fat bodies, they’re overwhelmingly white.

Anyway, I saw a post involving feelingswithbrandy and pardonmewhileipanic that spoke on an issue about representation of fat-related features on bodies that people feel they alone have because they don’t see it documented frequently, if ever, in the body and fat positive community.

It got me thinking that I wanted to show myself to other fat and/or black people in hopes that they can relate. I usually wear clothes because I like style, but I wanted to serve a slightly different purpose. So here’s a series of pictures of my body with some large deposits of back fat and some visible deposits of side/under boob fat or whatever it is. I cropped out my butt because too many fetish-having asshats lurk, and I’m sure they’ll still get to these but at least not all of me.


I love this photoset so much it hurts.


….I hate Tumblr. This shit isn’t healthy. Point blank.

Neither is that ugly ass scowl in your icon but you don’t see me bothering you about that unprovoked.

Point out where in this entire post I say anything about giving a shit about what you assume of my health.

Point out where I say anything about being some sort of role model for healthiness, (which frankly you don’t know shit about what I’m capable of or what I do/eat every day).

Point out to me why fat people who actually are unhealthy don’t deserve to see themselves represented when we see all sorts of “cool” unhealthy activities glamorized every fucking day.

Otherwise, don’t say shit about my body.


The NFL has apologized for penalizing Muslim player for praying 

Another week done, another PR disaster for the NFL.

This one came in the middle of Monday Night Football, after Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah returned an interception for a touchdown. Abdullah is a practicing Muslim — he even skipped an entire football season to make a pilgrimage to Mecca — and prostrated himself in the end zone in prayer. The result? A 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration.

They apologized for this one quickly

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